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How can Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning revolutionize bookkeeping for people on the verge of starting their own company? A strategic innovation project.

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I spent my first two years after graduation working with general usability improvements and user testing in Vismas legacy products. But after proving myself and learning a lot about working with UX in the real world I got the chance to work in a innovation project to try to predict the future of bookkeping to help Visma stay relative in the field for many years to come.

The pitch

In Scandinavia bookkeeping follows a very strict set of rules that is easy to automate. The time-consuming work is the manual entry of your sales and purchases. By automating those flows we discovered that we could free up a majority of the time spent on bookkeeping. This allowed our users to spend time on other things, like growing their sales, or spending it with their beloved ones.

The result

During the two years I spent working on the Kompanew project I got the chance to hold several stakeholder workshops, a lot of them following a Design Sprint process. I finally got to work with mobile apps, a long-term goal of mine, and I got firsthand experience working close with developers with Machine learning, AI and chatbots, something that I had only been able to dream about working with before.

The findings from the Kompanew innovation project were decided to be implemented in the existing product line thanks to the positive response from out user base.

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