A school for everyone.

Using design to make life easier for students, teachers, parents and administrators by building a design system for Scandinavia’s leading provider of school management software.

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IST is Scandinavia’s largest provider of school administration software and have over the years built up a large amount of trust amongst their customers by delivering software helping administrators to fulfill their complex tasks. I got to join the company's Product Management group to see where we could improve the product offering.

Through a series of interviews and workshops with principals, administrators, teachers, students and parents we concluded that IST's offering structure would benefit greatly from a larger focus on students, teachers and parents.

Identified problems

An administrator’s tasks are often the most crucial, but the actual administrators are quite few. Meanwhile there are millions of users in the form of students, teachers and parents who don't feel the same positive way about IST as the administrators.

Another finding was the lack of a unified IST brand. Something that made it confusing to users, but also made the development of functionality slow down as developers often had to make design decisions themselves or wait a long time to get help from one of the limited designers available.


We started working on a design system to be used across the organization. By involving the communication department, developers and product owners while we continuously tested our ideas with the different user groups, we aimed to provide a holistic solution covering everything from simple public websites to the complex administration monolith.

Work was also started to bring the teacher and student applications into a modern framework and use them as pilots for the design system.

This is by far the largest and most scary project I've worked in as the affected userbase is quite large. But the highlight is getting to work more with the strategic parts of product design where it feels like the possibilities to impact a company are endless.

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