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Tying together breakthroughs in technology, concepts from innovation projects and findings from user research to improve an existing product line with >100.000 users.

UX Design UX Strategy


eAccounting is one of Vismas most popular products with more than 100 000 users. I joined the team to implement findings from an innovation project I had been involved in, but soon got free hands to help improve the whole user experience of their mobile apps.


An early goal of mine was to get the team behind the apps out of the office to meet actual users. We quickly discovered that users running a basic company were quite happy with the apps, but users with more advanced requirements found them lacking functionality. These users formed a substantial part of our userbase.

A review of the comments that were received on Apple Appstore, Google Play Store and the feedback functionality built into the apps confirmed these findings, and we ended up with a prioritized list of the most important missing features.


In the eAccounting project I got to continue working on mobile design in both the Android and iOS ecosystems. I also got to redesign how we present those apps on Apple Appstore and Google Play Store together with the marketing department, focusing on fun and lively screenshots combined with short and to the point copy.

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